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I'm a writer who also has a mild interest in photography and various other art-forms. I'm still learning, like all artists are, but I really do hope to become a professional one day.

I'm an avid DD and DLR suggester and I encourage others to become the same!

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Lovely Lit Feature #1

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 21, 2014, 9:20 PM
I have decided to start a Literature Feature for pieces that I believe to be notable parts of the Lit Community. Every Tuesday, I will feature different writings I found to be worthy of praise. Please make sure to read/comment/favorite/ at least some of the writing chosen!


Mama and the FlowersI'm always dreaming about the flower garden. Back when we had that big house in the province, Mama and I would play there every day. She liked to hide there from Papa, who was always raging like a rabid water buffalo, so to cheer her up I'd make her garlands from fallen blooms to wrap around her neck or to weave into her hair. Mama loved that garden more than anything. More than even me. She'd work at the soil, digging it up, patting it down, and very soon pretty fragrant things would pop up as if from nowhere. She said she had a Midas touch, but instead of gold, everything she touched turned green. She said I'd inherit her green thumb someday. I laughed and clapped my hands. There was nothing in the world I wanted more.
Papa did not share our love for all things green. Whenever he'd come home from overseeing the rice fields and bossing around the farmers, he'd prowl the house and look for Mama so he could start bossing her around too. One day, Mama had ignored his screaming for too lo

MomDear Mom,
I still have nightmares of your bones in my hands.
You left me for the ocean with five gray pearls in my palm, heavy things that left my hands dirty with soot and pieces of you. I gave you away, gave you all to the water except what bits of you lay dead on my chest, heavier than what you left in my hand.
This weight has never gotten lighter.
I wish I could tell you your little girl has learned to breathe carrying the weight of a dead woman, of the lies she's told you, of a locket just bigger than your thumbnail –but, her heartstrings simply snapped under the strain. With the press of treacherous fingers against my stomach and down my throat, I killed her just beyond your reach, right on the other side of the wall. That night, I spilled her down the drain, with dinner and yellow bile. I bled her dry, wasted her away with my bones until those dusty bits of you around my neck were more alive than I was.  I stood at five foot five, seventy two, the space between my

anyway.there are things i know too well about you, and most of them break my heart just remembering them. i knew the look in your eyes right before you would cry, or how it would snap and change from a look of swelling tides to unfiltered rage, aimed directly at me. cause i was the closest thing that you could bruise or throw your words at that wasn't a wall, or yourself. it wasn't damaging you, and as far i was concerned, that was worth a few flourishes or a swollen eye.
the alternative just wasn't worth mentioning or comparing.
there was something not right in your head, maybe the vodka or whatever you drink dissolved a synapses or two, because the notion of cause and effect didn't seem to make any sense, and empathy was just completely lost on you. i did love you, the best i knew how to, the best i could with the cards you gave me. i don't know if you returned those feelings when you were sober and weren't forced to be honest. drunken words are apparently the truths we can't admit when we'


poor arielyou asked me why
i lose my voice for periods of time,
casting me as a seasick ariel,
unaware life was my ursula.
you don't understand that every word spoken is
breathing under water;
it feels as if i'm sinking
to the bottom of the sea when
all i want to do is surface.
anxiety, like wet sand,
sucks in my newly-made toes
and clings to my ankles.
i find out what drowning is for the first time.

you are my thunder, now you are gonei.
you will never understand how much i
miss you and your perigees. you will
never comprehend how your orbits and
the way you would loom over our
shoulders would make me flicker ever so
brighter. at first, you were an illusion of
menace and sharp commands issued from
sharper origins, but it seems i was the
only one to see through your layers to
your core - i was the only one to stare,
glassy-eyed, at all of your craters, and
stretch out my arms and see the same ones
carved into my own skin.
there used to be a day where ouija boards
and crickets rustling around amongst bits and bolts
pounded in our heads and skittered through
our veins and lured the goosebumps on our skin
to raise their faces towards the sky, where a moon
tinged dark red would hover over us and tear us all
to pieces. you told us to howl at it, to bound out
of reach of the pull of gravity, ever lingering,
and scratch the ground with gleaming claws. i smiled,
because we are both wolves, and you are eleven strides

tigers and wind chimescoffee smells like coming home
but this time there is no home
only cheap, styrofoam cups
and a boy whose eyes do not
remind me of a supernova or
the tidal pull of the moon or
wind chimes in september.
They are not poetic;
they are tiger-sharp, jagged
razor wire promises inscribed on
a storm-cloud sky:
i will hurt you. i will destroy you.
and then i will leave you.
i tell him i am not afraid
and for the first time
i am not.

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